7 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy by 40%

Nowadays homeowners insurance has significant importance in everyone’s life, but most time it happens, we put a policy in place and then forget about it. Randon James Morris says a home is one of the most valuable things we will ever own, and it comes with costly possessions. Insurance covers the value of the house — which includes upgrades — and the worth of our belongings.

It’s essential to review what your homeowners’ insurance covers and how much you are paying for it.

Here are Eight best ways to get a great deal:

  1.  Shop around

With online media, it becomes easy to shop around for insurance. However, that doesn’t mean you should choose a policy at the lowest rate. Do your homework on an insurance company before you buy any policy.

You must explore the website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. On its Consumer Information Source webpage, you will find key information about insurers, which includes closed insurance complaints, financial data and licensing information.

  1.  Look into discounts on multiple policies

Besides your home, if you insure anything else— such as a car — you must look into a multi-line discount. That’s a break that you may get from some insurance companies if you buy multiple policies such as auto insurance and homeowners insurance from the same company.

  1.  Know what you’ll cover

You don’t necessarily need to insure a house equal to the price you paid for the property. And that is because the price you paid for your property includes the price of the land as well, not only the price of your home.

In simple words, you required sufficient insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home from scratch in case it burns down or is blown off its foundation. However, your land can’t be destroyed in ashes or blown away, so you cannot add the value of your land into the cost of your homeowners’ insurance. So, before you buy a policy, make sure what are things covered in the policy.

  1.  Ask about discounts

Although discount offers vary by the insurance company, you may qualify for price breaks if:

  • Your home is equipped with a sprinkler system or smoke detector.
  • Your home is protected by deadbolt locks or burglar-alarm system.
  • You have not filed any claim in a specific number of years.
  • You don’t allow smoking inside your house.
  • You have crossed a certain age.


Contact your insurer to see what discounts might be available to you.

  1.  Get to know your agent

If you build up a healthy relationship with your Insurance agent, he will always give you extra tips and service according to your need. Not every insurance agent follows the principle of transparency and accountability, but there are few who are known in the industry for their ethics and principles.

ask an agent

An insurer may provide a discount on premiums if you have been with the company for several years. However, it is still advisable to shop around annually to make sure you are still getting the best price.

  1.  Value your possessions

Make sure your insurance policy covers the replacement cost of everything in your house, including items that appreciate in value over time. On the other hand, if you no longer own valuable ornaments or an extensive collection of art or antiques, do not pay for the extra coverage.

An annual review of your policy is the best time to make sure your home inventory including a video or photos of your possessions — is up-to-date and saved somewhere outside your house.

  1.  Keep your credit score solid

Credit score has significant importance in the financial world. If your credit score is poor, you might be charged higher premiums or you may find a hard time getting insurance coverage. If your credit has any room for improvement, go for it or you can take the advice from a credit counselor to improve the credit score.

Final Words

So, these are the few tips from Randon James Morris, you can consider to grab the best deal on your homeowner insurance.

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Reason Why Working Women Need Life Insurance

In the 21st century, women are empowered, self-made, and independent who are working shoulder to shoulder with men in almost every profession. Further, their contribution in savings has become very essential to maintain the standard of living and to build better future of their children. Randon James Morris says today, many women are encouraged to become a bread earner, and they have proved themselves as breadwinners. Further, he says, if we talk about insurance and life protection, then, unfortunately, they don’t value their own worth and neglect financial protection offered by life insurance to cover many risks in life.

Below are the points that describe the important reasons why women need to take life insurance.

Financial Protection

The protection of a family is our first priority, but what if you are not there to protect them? If you are capable enough to share the financial responsibility with your partner, you must not compromise on protecting your financial responsibility.

final protection.PNG

Getting financial protection with life insurance will give you satisfaction and mental peace that your family will be protected in future in case you are not with them anymore.

Grow Savings with Insurance Plan

Gone are the days when women use to do small savings from the monthly budget. Nowadays, an independent and career-oriented woman is capable enough to do more than that to save money.

grow file plan

If you are an independent woman and looking for the best financial planning, you can go for the life insurance. Many insurance products are there for women to contribute in the growth of savings to provide a family a better lifestyle.

Cover for Critical Illness

Life is uncertain, and health issues are increasing day by day. Further, with the increasing medical expense’s it becomes difficult to get quality treatment at the right time. Many times families do not have financial position to pay the medical bills. And this is where insurance policy that covers life risk along with critical illness protection plays a great role. Even if a person dies with critical illness, then also family gets balance amount according to the policy agreement which somehow family to deal with future expenses.


According to experts, a life expectancy of a woman is more than a man. Therefore, insuring woman is more beneficial and less risky for insurance companies. And this is the reason most life insurance plans offer females better rates over males. This is what makes life insurance cost-effective and an attractive opportunity that offers lots of benefits, financial savings, and life coverage.


So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself insured with the best insurance plan and grab the amazing benefits.

Saving for Retirement

If your husband has invested in a retirement plan, but it does not make your future strong to overcome financial worries in your old age, this is where you need to think something for yourself. In addition, it becomes challenging to maintain the higher standard of living by depending on one person’s retirement, especially when the inflation rate is rapidly growing.

retirement plan.PNG

To enjoy stress-free retirement life, you need systematic financial planning. And for this, you can choose best insurance products that can make your retirement enjoyable.

Final Words

Life insurance is very important in the life of every working woman as they play an essential role in handling household expenses. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right life insurance plan which offers you adequate coverage as per your need and requirement. According to Randon James Morris, if you want a peaceful and stress-free life for your family, understand the importance of life insurance in your life.

What to Look for When Buying Term Life insurance

Buying life insurance is one of the best financial decisions. Actually, insurance serves as a piggy bank where you can purchase a variety of insurance policies to save the money lifelong. There is no way you can avoid unforeseen tragedies of life says, Randon James Morris.

Hence, financial security is the must for your loved one even after you are no more. Life insurance helps your loved ones reimburse any remaining debt or loan you left behind. Actually, there are a lot of fallacies about buying life insurance.

Luckily, it’s easier than many people think. Moreover, different life insurance plans offer many advantages of investment as well as protection. Here are some things you need to know about purchasing life insurance in 2018:

You might not have to take an exam:

When individuals ponder about applying for life insurance, they fear most is taking the medical exam. If you also think same, then here’s a good news for you. No one life insurance business take any exam. But, in the past few years, they have augmented enormously in popularity, creating the rates much more similar to old-style life insurance.

life insurance tips

If you have a fitness disorder that would cause an old-style policy rate to rise steeply, it is advisable to opt for a no-exam policy instead. This will save time as well as money.

You can apply for free:

As compare to other applications, it is completely free to apply for life insurance. Hence, there is no fear to lose anything when you apply.

Life insurance is actually an essential thing most of the time and businesses comprehend that. So, different available companies make it as easy as possible to receive the coverage. In fact, making the application free is one of the ways to do so emphasis Randon James Morris.

Life insurance is less expensive than most people think:

According to a survey, almost 80% of individuals overestimate the cost of life insurance. Some people even estimate that price of their life policy by as much as ten times its real cost. Buying life insurance in very young age is always best.

Life insurance is less expensive

Depending on your age or health, you can secure a sizeable amount of coverage for less than your regular cable bill.

No need to have good credit:

Most the people think that life insurance carriers are concerned with their credit score. However, they are not. In reality, they have interest in your predictable lifespan and the risk they are going to take by assuring you.

Every company has its own approval guideline:

Every company’s policy is not same. Each life insurance policy firm is going to have particular niche or categories that they are lenient with than others.

Some of the companies have specialization in giving great rates to those who are a slight overheavy. While other life insurance companies are more lenient with those who have dangerous hobbies.

Wrapping Up

Above are some of the things given by Randon James Morris that you should know about life insurance. Because of innumerable profits of life insurance including financial security, life protection and tax benefits etc., it is actually difficult to evade it. Hence, you must protect yourself against demise or disability by opting for life insurance.

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5 Types of Life Insurance Policies and Which Policy is Best For You!

Life insurance is an essential element of a comprehensive financial plan. In fact, it is the safest way to protect your family or dependents from unforeseen circumstances says Randon James Morris.

People purchase life insurance to provide financial freedom to their dependents when they are no longer around to provide help. If you need life insurance, it is crucial to know how much and what kind you require. Let’s have a look what is life insurance, how much and what type to own.

What is Life Insurance?

A life insurance is a contract between an insurance company and a policyholder. The companies will pay an assured amount of money to the nominated beneficiary in an unfortunate event. In exchange, policyholders agree to pay a predefined amount of money on a regular basis.


Here’s the different type of life insurance plans:

1 . Money back life insurance: This type offer periodical compensation of partial survival welfares during the tenure of the policy and policyholder is alive. Moreover, in case death of an insured person, the insurance business pay the full amount assured along with existence benefits.
2 . Term insurance: It is the form of insurance that offers financial protection for a specified tenure. Term insurance makes sure that policyholder’s family get a large lump sum amount after his/her death in order to lead a financially stable life.
3. Child insurance: Actually, an upsurge in education cost is causing unease among parents. Hence, it is sensible to invest in a child insurance plan to give a financially secured life to your child even in your absence.
4. Whole life insurance: This type of life insurance offer the dual benefit of insurance as well as investment. Furthermore, it offers insurance coverage for the whole life of a person emphasis Randon James Morris.
5. Pension plans: Life insurance companies’ offer pension plans to help people construct a retirement corpus. This money helps people to spend a financially secured life even after retirement.

Life Insurance Type

These are some types of life insurance from which you can select anyone that best fits your needs. You can also purchase insurance through an agent. This will prevent you getting stuck with insufficient coverage or expensive coverage you don’t require.

How Much Insurance Do You Need

There are numerous decisions to make. A general method to buy insurance is based on income replacement. In this method, a formula of between 5 and 10 times your yearly salary is used to compute how much coverage you need.
Another method is to purchase insurance policy based on your individual requirements and preferences. The first step is to define your income replacement needs as they may vary greatly depending on your age.

Nowadays, a large portion of income goes to taxes and to support your own lifestyle as well. You should start by determining net earnings after taxes. Add up all your personal expenses like clothing, club membership, food, transportation etc. And subtract this from your net after-tax earnings, the reminder signifies yearly income that your insurance may need to exchange.

You want a demise profit amount, which, when invested, will offer income yearly to cover this amount. Hence you should also add face value amounts required to fund one-time expenditures such as college tuition for your broods. Lastly, estimate your own personal expenditures like uninsured medical costs, estate taxes, and funeral costs.

Wrapping Up

Randon James Morris has shared his thoughts on what is life insurance and what type to own. The biggest defy concerning to a life insurance scheme is related to opting the right type of insurance policy. A financial professional can help you evaluate your life insurance requirements by implementing a life insurance needs analysis.

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7 Insurance Tips to Protecting Your Small Business

Running a corporate comes with intrinsic risks – a natural disaster could strike at any time, your staff member can get an injury while working. For these reasons, small businesses should carry insurance to diminish the risk of unforeseen damage says, Randon James Morris.

There are a lot of essential insurance coverage for small industry owners. Hence, there is often a confusion about what insurance strategy your industry need. But not to worry! In this article, we have listed some crucial insurance, entrepreneurs will need for their corporate.

Here, are some insurance tips for small corporate owners:

  • General Liability Insurance:

Regardless of any kind of corporate, you should need liability insurance. This type of insurance cover claims such as bodily injury and property damage which result from product, services, and operation. In short, general liability insurance cover some of the lawsuits that ascend from everyday corporate activities.

  • Property Insurance:

Have you own a building, computers, equipment or any other thing relevant to the industry, you should adopt property insurance. This policy will defend small businesses in the event of a disaster like fire and against things like vandalism.

  • Professional Liability Insurance:

    This type of insurance gives your business protection from the hazards that you face in delivering professional services. It is also known as “Errors and Omissions Insurance”.

Professional Liability Insurance

You should have professional liability insurance because people make mistakes. In case, if your corporate fail to provide what they have promised to the client, this insurance will pay for the damage. One crucial thing to remember that this type of defense is not the part of general liability and homeowner insurance.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance:

    If your corporation has vehicles, whether they are for employees or yours, they need to be covered suggest Randon James Morris. You should protect these vehicles in your industry with commercial auto insurance for so long they carry people and products. This insurance will protect individuals in case of damage and collisions.

  • Directors and Officers Insurance:

With this insurance, the corporate leader will be protected against their actions that may impact the profits and operation of a company. If individuals (directors and officers) end up with any legal situation because of their action then this insurance cover costs involved in defense.

  • Worker’s Compensation:

There can be chances that employees or owners get any injury during the job. This insurance ensures that individuals receive an income that helps them through their medical issues. Workers compensation insurance type serves two purposes:

This insurance policy assures that injured individual gets medical care. And also recompense for the income they lose while not going to work due to injury. Plus, it protects employers from lawsuits by labors who get an injury while working.

  • Homeowner’s Insurance:

Are you running an industry from home? If yes, then you will need this insurance. This insurance is a form of property insurance that covers loss and damages to assets in the home. It endows liability coverage against accidents in the home during work.

Wrapping Up

By having the right coverage, the small businesses can evade major monetary loss due to the lawsuit or any disaster. Randon James Morris has shared above some crucial insurances that individuals should focus on. You must check with your insurer that which policy is good for your corporate and adopt as soon as possible.

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why_you_need_life_insurance _ Randon James Morris

5 Important Reasons Why You Need Life-Insurance

The primary purpose of taking life insurance plan is to protect your family and provide them shelter in case something happens to you. This is necessary to consider how much money is essential to take care of all affairs or pay off debt says Randon James Morris.

Once individuals comprehend what priorities they would like to defend through insurance scheme, it becomes easy to determine the correct amount of coverage. The next question that strikes every individual’s mind is what type of life insurance will serve best for their needs. You have to make sure that premiums fit comfortably into your budget in order to get the right amount of coverage.

Following are some tips what kind of life insurance individuals should get:

Term Insurance:

Term insurance plans are affordable and provide full protection and financial stability. This type of life insurance scheme allows getting the right amount of safety at least expensive premiums available.

Term insurance has developed over the years and offers more inclusive options. One can also get a return of premiums plan where they pay more during the life of the policy. But the insurance business repays all of the payments at the end of an immobile term.

Along with this, there are also term policies that allow individuals to lock in their age and health for remaining life. This is the best and inexpensive way to obtain permanent insurance.

Level Term Insurance:

A level term life insurance plan is the best option for those who want to start off with a lower premium. In this type of policy, individuals can increase the payments each and every year. Level term insurance is a less expensive way to get the right amount of shield. Hence, it should be the majority of people looking to get life insurance plan.

Endowment Policy:

In this type of life insurance, the policyholder pays a consistent premium for definite terms. At the end of a term, the lump sum amount is paid to the policyholder if he/she is alive. This is according to Randon James Morris that amount individuals get also includes any accrued bonus under the plan.

In another case, if the policyholder dies the legatee receives a certain amount. Additionally, some endowment policies also offer benefits like critical illness endowment, education endowment, and even double endowment.

Whole Life Insurance:

In this type of policies, there is no immovable end date for the plan. In fact, only demise benefit exists and is remunerated to the nominee. The insurance policy holder cannot get any money during his/her whole life as there is no survival benefit. This plan is great if individuals want to leave behind an estate. Some advantages of whole life insurance include known annual premium and guaranteed cash values.

Wrapping Up

Getting life insurance is one of the crucial financial decisions in order to protect your family and loved one. Above are a few of many types of life insurance schemes by Randon James Morris. You can pick any one of them according to your needs. Having right insurance plan will give you peace of mind that your family is monetarily safe in case you pass away.

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6 Common Life Insurance Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

We all make mistake in our lives. Individuals can learn from the faults. Paying a little attention means you do not make the same again in life says, Randon James Morris. But the problem with the life insurance is that people may not find the error they make until it’s too late.

In fact, the coverage mistake hurts your loved one to whom you want to protect with the different policies. Actually, some misconception and faults while purchasing life coverage policies lead to people being underinsured.

The most common reasons behind the life coverage error are individuals do not pay attention and they did not know something is wrong.


The only solution is not to make the mistakes in the first place. One of the best ways to evade the life allowance blunders is to discover what they are.

Here, are six common life insurance mistakes you should evade:

Going for the Cheapest Policy

Some coverage buyers go for the policies that are cheaper. This is one of the serious and common mistakes. Actually, an inexpensive policy is not good. Individuals should look at metrics such as assertion settlement ratio and duration wise payment of different life coverage companies. Furthermore, one can check the claim defrayal reviews online.

Underrating the Coverage Requirements

Most of the individuals select the coverage based on the plans a particular agent want to sell. This is not a good approach. Actually, your coverage requirement is the function of your monetary situation and has nothing to do with the products available. Hence, one should consider some factors or tips in order to decide how much coverage is passable for them.

Not Checking the Policy Regularly

This blunder is the root cause of all the problems such as not have enough allowance to endow for the children. In fact, the coverage needs your involvement over the time. For instance, individuals get married, change job, acquire debt and have children. All these life events change people insurance requirements. Hence, reviewing the policy regularly ensures that your life coverage does all you desire it to do.

Too Short of a Term

Individuals have to avoid the too short of a term when it comes to term coverage recommends Randon James MorrisIf you are considering the term allowance, then your decision should be based on the worst-case scenario. Actually, this type of life policy is a great way for providing the protection to the family. On the other hand, the failure in the long-term plan can leave individuals susceptible down.

Buying the Wrong Type of Policy

Actually, all the four types of life coverage policies are not good for everyone. Hence, one should have to consider all the four policies and select an appropriate one according to their need.

Purchasing Insurance from Variety of Source

Most of the folks believe that they will be coddled if they buy the coverage policy from a variety of sources like bank, airlines and car rental business. In reality, purchasing allowance through all these sources is extremely expensive. Hence, some experts advise buying the lifetime coverage from the allowance providers only.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the common allowance mistakes shared by Randon James Morris. Make sure that you do not make the above blunders while buying financial protection against the disaster. Careful planning and having an idea of how to steer clear of mutual pitfalls helps you.

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