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disability insurance

Look Out When Buying Disability Insurance

Whether an individual work in the insurance sector or not, everybody knows about insurance and its benefits. However, most people do not aware of disability insurance and how it can help a disable in protecting income. Although it is possible to tailor disability policy as per individual needs, still it is necessary to consider a few important things while choosing an insurance plan.

Let’s explore a few important factors that you must consider when purchasing disability insurance with Randon James Morris.

1. Prefer Independent Insurance Agent

Either an individual can purchase disability insurance directly from an insurance company or from an independent insurance agent. If you purchase a policy with the help of independent insurance agent, you will be able to overview of all available insurance policy option. Otherwise, sometimes it becomes difficult to gather all information and knowledge about the insurance plan and its benefits, especially when you buy directly from the company. Therefore, experts recommend an independent insurance agent who is referred by an experienced colleague.

2. Apply for Disability Insurance Before You Need It

According to experts including Randon James Morris, it is always better for an individual to buy disability insurance when you are fit and healthy. In most cases, there are policies that require medical underwriting, including your medical records, physical examinations, and test reports. Therefore, it is better if you apply for disability insurance when you are healthy.

3. Evaluate Your Average Income

In disability insurance, an individual’s eligibility depends on his net income. For instance, you are an entrepreneur and your income vary from month to month, it is difficult for insurance companies to figure out your exact income. In such a situation, your insurance agent will ask you for your last three years tax return and divide the figure by 36 months to evaluate your average monthly income.

4. Drop Disability Insurance Policy When You Are Over Retirement Age

If your age is above 65 years, there is no point of holding insurance policy. According to experts including Randon Morris, you must drop the idea of taking disability insurance policy at the retirement age. For instance, you are over 65 years old and you became disabled. At this age, you will consider as retired so the insurance policy won’t pay. Therefore, it is advisable to drop the policy if you hit the age of retirement, as you will not able to avail the benefits from it. If you are still confused, it is better to approach experienced insurance advisor the advice or recommendation.

Final Thoughts

So these are few good tips from to Randon James Morris that you must consider while buying a disability insurance plan. When you invest your money in a disability insurance plan. It is advisable for you to consider all the factors, benefits, and circumstances before choosing the plan. As it is mentioned above, it is always better to hire an insurance agent instead of directly approaching an insurance company. An insurance agent does not get any financial incentive to sell one policy over another. Therefore, he can advise you fairly an insurance plan as per your situation, needs and requirement.

If you have more query to ask related to disability insurance, you can drop your query below in the comment box.

Flood insurance policy

Time to Consider Flood Insurance Policy

In recent years, almost everyone has seen the damage and chaos caused by hurricane wind, excessive rainfall and access of storm waters. While many homeowners fixed the damage with insurance kick, some homeowners even today facing the damage caused by flood waters which are not covered by their policies. Maybe this is the reason why most experts including Randon James Morris, recommend every individual to consider Flood Insurance Policy.

Let’s explore a few major reasons to consider flood insurance policy

1. Get affordable flood insurance policy outside flood-prone areas

Many insurance and risk advisor recommend almost every homeowner to buy flood insurance. Even those who already have basic insurance policy should ask the firm to add flood coverage in it at a reasonable price. Now the question is, how much you need to pay? Well, it is difficult to say as rates usually vary depending on your home’s value and your proximity to a flood plain. Those who live in a flood-prone area can easily get a Flood Insurance Policy at affordable rates. So, if you live in such an area, it is advisable by Randon James Morris to get the insurance today.

2. Property outside a flood zone doesn’t make it safe


Property outside a flood zone doesn’t make it safe

No doubt, it is easy to determine flood zone by past conditions, but it will not be able to help you in predicting future conditions or climates. Even government try its best to estimate where the flood will occur, but if their model is not updated, it may not be able to reflect present condition flooding. No one can exactly predict where the water is going to stop. If you think you live in outside flood reason so your house is safe, hold on, you may be wrong. According to the insurance industry, around 20% of flood insurance claims fall outside the flood zone each year. Whether you live in or outside the flood zone area if you want to keep your property safe, get the flood insurance as soon as possible.

3. Flood damage tends to be disastrous

Floods are one of the most common disasters that cause huge damage to properties. Do you even know how much it can affect you financially? Most times even recovering from an inch of water inside your building becomes difficult. Especially for those who do not have risk cover insurance. Remember, if you do not have flood insurance, you may have to cover the cost of renovation on your own. Therefore, it is advisable to have flood insurance coverage in order to cover the cost of your damage property.

Final Words

So, these are the few major reasons why expert Randon James Morris suggest every individual to choose Flood Insurance Policy. After all, it is always better to take prevention instead of regretting later. What are you waiting for? Go and get the flood insurance today. In case you have more queries or doubts regarding flood insurance coverage, scheme, etc., must consult an expert for the best advice.

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travel insurance

Tips to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

Whether you are planning your next vacation or business trip, travel insurance is something you should not ignore. Nowadays taking travel insurance is very easy, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, the question is how to choose the best travel insurance for your next trip. And this is where you need to do a little research and comparison.

Let’s find out from where you should buy the next travel insurance with expert Randon James Morris.



Nowadays almost every airline and various travel companies sell travel insurance directly through their booking site as an optional add-on. Mostly it’s an exceptional kind of insurance offered through one of the top-brand travel insurance companies. However, directly companies also offered it as a travel “protection”. You may find the policies more expensive as compared to other comparison sites. Also, it is not possible to view the policy details when you check out, so you have no idea what you’re getting. But according to experts, the major problem comes from cruise lines that sell their own “protection.” You need to remember the fact that the protection doesn’t work once the company goes out of business, said by Randon James Morris.

Credit Card

credit card

A credit card also offers basic travel insurance coverage, which includes any interruption during a trip, rental insurance of rental car, and lost luggage. However, it comes with two major restrictions. First, you have to make the purchase with a card; and second, some of the coverage is secondary (such as car rental coverage) so it works only if your primary policy has been used. Needless to say, for some travellers, that’s enough. And yes it doesn’t include compensation for medical coverage. So on longer trips, where you need medical coverage, it is better to choose a full-featured travel insurance policy.


direct travel insurance

Many travel insurance companies have websites that sell policies directly to consumers. Sometimes, you may find an all-inclusive policy at the best price, and it becomes easy to compare policies when they’re offered by the same insurance firm. However, true comparison shopping is impossible. You may deal with few hurdles like unclear terms, trouble getting someone on the phone, and usually less personalized experience.

Travel Agent

travel agencies

Many travel agencies are there who sell insurance too. Most people prefer a human travel agent, as he can act as a personal shopper for travel insurance, also recommend you the right policy and then helping you buy it. No doubt, even a travel advisor can also help you in case you have to file a claim. However, according to an expert Randon James Morris the policies you buy through an online travel agency almost similar to the type you get through an airline or other travel agency — a one-size-fits-all solution.

Final Words

So, now what do you think? From where you should buy travel insurance for you and your family? Take your time and do consider these points mentioned by Randon James Morris before you make any decision. In the end, it is about you and your family.

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Tips to Protect your Home from Wildfires

Wildfires may be not a regular thing in the United States, however, there is always a risk in California and other Western states due to many reasons including the natural cycles of dry, hot weather, etc. Yet planting of fire-fueling vegetation, construction techniques, and other alterations to the area is making the fires bigger, hotter, and more hazardous than ever before. It is obvious that wildfires caused by human behavior can easily threaten any home or commercial in the country.

Therefore, Randon James Morris says, it’s vital to understand what kind of insurance policy options you must have in order to protect yourself from the losses caused by wildfires.

Insurance Exclusions

Fire Protection Approach

It is exceptionally uncommon, yet conceivable, for a general property holder’s protection approach to reject out of control fires explicitly. The equivalent is valid for leaseholders’ protection and vehicle inclusion. Most approaches for a wide range of individual property incorporate fire harm and pulverization inclusion and don’t reject out of control fires or other disastrous events. Since there’s dependably a little shot that your strategy is one of the uncommon ones that avoid home discharge protection, it’s fundamental to peruse everything about your inclusion in full before depending on presumptions.

Specialty Fire Insurance Coverage

fire insurance coverage

Regardless of whether you have fire inclusion from your present home and collision protection strategies, it is not a bad idea to include explicit insurance. Picking a different strategy enables you to guarantee different structures, for example, sheds, nurseries, pools, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, at their full substitution esteem. More often than not you’ll buy the protection approach as an expansive range fire bundle, however, you may locate that a few backs up plans in California have arrangements that cover rapidly spreading fire harm alone. These approaches will, in general, accompany a moderately low premium since they’re restricted in what sort of harms they cover, making the assurance certainly justified regardless of the expense. Look at protection rates and you may locate that different approaches really spare you cash over the long haul over a property holder’s protection plan that covers everything under one umbrella arrangement.

Practical Fire Protection

practical fire protection

Apart from a homeowner’s insurance or landlord policy, useful efforts to keep your home in good shape and the cleanliness of yard also helpful in preventing wildfire damage. Insurance only helpful in rebuilding; it can’t prevent the trouble of clearing and the long wait for rebuilding. Practical fire prevention tips include:

  • Thin out trees nearby home, particularly flammable evergreens, to have a 10-foot space between the crowns of mature trees.
  • Build approximately 50 to 100-foot fire-safe space free of trees, shrubs, and tall grasses near your home. In other words, remove few of your favorite landscaping elements, as it could save your life and your home.
  • Eradicate any wood piles, building materials, mulch piles, firewood, and other flammable things from this fire safe zone.
  • Prefer fire-resistant materials including metal siding and roofing or you can choose crushed stone instead of mulch for home renovations and landscaping.

Final Words

insurance policy options

So, these are the tips from Randon James Morris regarding wildfire protection and insurance policy options.

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Ways to Reduce Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance is a needed expense, however, for many vehicle owners, it’s also a source of financial strain. Now the question is how will you strike a balance? The good news is that there is no particular standard for car insurance rates, and that leaves a lot of room for cost-cutting and negotiation.

These five Strategies from Randon James Morris

Can make quality car insurance more affordable for every household – just watch your rates drop.

1. Assess What You Own

old car

One of the most common mistakes people make while buying car insurance is choosing a plan and then never changing it; When it comes to insurance they believe in ‘set it and forget it’ approach. Sometimes this can backfire, however, as older cars normally don’t require as much insurance. If your car is older and paid off, would you really get it to repair after a major accident? Most of the time it is best to just eliminate accident coverage on older vehicles. Because otherwise, you’re paying to protect a car that’s on the edge of being replaced anyway.

2. Combine Your Plans

combine insurance plans

Insurance companies acknowledge loyal customers by offering a variety of plans. To grab a better deal, then, consider moving your car and home insurance to the same company. Such collective plans come with a bulk insurance rate that will surely save you money overall. The only thing to worry is that usually, all drivers must live at the address of the home insured on the plan, so in case you share your car with a non-resident relative, it might be difficult for you to qualify.

3. Find a Discount Plan

find discount plan

Selecting an insurance plan can be awesome as there are numerous plans and companies to choose from. Regardless of all these options, though, most of the time you’re paying for the name of the plan, not the quality of the coverage. To reduce your costs, get a quote from a discount insurance company instead of from a prominence insurance brand. In the end, the coverage will function in the same way.

4. Mind Your Credit Score

credit score

It may surprise you, but having a bad credit score can raise your car insurance rate. Why is that? Insurance companies use what they term a credit-based insurance score (CBIS) to evaluate whether an individual is risky to insure. People with lower credit scores are considered more likely to file a claim than those with better credit. And this association is logical, as you’ll require more help managing car repairs if you don’t have funds to pay your bills.

5. Learn About Discounts

learn about discounts

Besides cut-rate insurance plans, many firms also provide particular ways to earn a discount. Such as, student drivers with excellent grades often qualify for lower rates, as do drivers who have attended defensive driving courses, individuals who drive cars equipped with certain types of safety and anti-theft equipment, and even associates of certain affinity groups. Anything you can do to prove that you’re a low-risk proposition and determine your responsibility as a driver can act as leverage towards better and affordable insurance plan.

Final Words

responsible driver

Randon James Morris says, putting yourself in debt to ensure your car won’t be good for you and may leave you riding the bus down the road. Therefore, it is better to identify your coverage needs and establish yourself as a responsible driver, then, you can choose a plan that meets your needs without exceeding your budget.

You can reduce your costs and still drive with confidence!

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Randon James Morris | When to Recalculate your Life Insurance Needs

According to Randon James Morris, for most people, it is easy to say “I’ll handle that later.” Especially when it comes to life insurance. We assume that we have time to sort out the details of adequate coverage down the road. However, in the end, either we forget it mentally or it’s too late to consider.

Needless to say, life insurance can play a key role in protecting your loved ones financially when you pass away unexpectedly. Often the role of protection plays in your financial plan depends on your life stage.

Here are several examples of when you may want to evaluate your life insurance options:

 Young adults starting their careers

young adults

When an individual settles into his first or second job and takes on responsibility for all financial matters, he needs to balance a myriad of priorities. These may include managing the mortgage of a newly-purchased home or paying off significant student loan debt.

In the happening of your death, it may become difficult for your family to cover your financial obligations out-of-pocket. However, a Life Insurance Plans may help provide the cash flow for your family or other trusted beneficiary to handle your affairs without it becoming a potential burden.

Newly married couples

newly married couple

When you build a life together with your spouse, it’s obvious that your individual financial responsibilities will become intermingled, even if you choose to keep separate bank accounts. If you die prematurely, your spouse could be extremely affected by the loss of your expenses. In such a situation, life insurance can protect the financial contributions of each spouse. It will also help the surviving spouse to carry on without major changes in lifestyle.

Parents of minors or young adults

parents of minors

For many individuals, the need for life insurance becomes a topmost priority following the birth or adoption of a child. If you have or are considering starting a family, this is the right time to evaluate your insurance policies. And make sure that you have enough coverage to meet your family’s everyday expenses, in addition to future financial goals.

Future goals may include everyday living expenses over a period of years, costs for children’s education and retirement savings for the retired spouse. In case you or your spouse is a stay-at-home parent, it’s a nessary to have insurance that covers the potentially significant costs of childcare and increased household expenses your family may incur in his absence.

 Older adults nearing or in retirement

older adults

As you achieved enough wealth or become an empty-nester, necessity for life insurance may decline. However, still, it is better to maintain enough coverage to protect your retirement savings. Once in retirement, the need for a death benefit, which provides a lump sum or annuity payments to the surviving spouse, may become less substantial.

Few types of life insurance policies may offer the flexibility to borrow against accumulated cash values in order to provide cash flow in retirement. Calculate your coverage against what you anticipate spending in retirement to analyze if these or other options could help your situation.

 Final Thought

Review life insurance policy

In the end, your life stage or financial situation doesn’t matter, what is important is to have insurance in place to secure your loved ones financially. Therefore, Randon James Morris advises every individual to regularly review your coverage and ensure it covers the changing needs of your family.

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7 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy by 40%

Nowadays homeowners insurance has significant importance in everyone’s life, but most time it happens, we put a policy in place and then forget about it. Randon James Morris says a home is one of the most valuable things we will ever own, and it comes with costly possessions. Insurance covers the value of the house — which includes upgrades — and the worth of our belongings.

It’s essential to review what your homeowners’ insurance covers and how much you are paying for it.

Here are Eight best ways to get a great deal:

  1.  Shop around

With online media, it becomes easy to shop around for insurance. However, that doesn’t mean you should choose a policy at the lowest rate. Do your homework on an insurance company before you buy any policy.

You must explore the website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. On its Consumer Information Source webpage, you will find key information about insurers, which includes closed insurance complaints, financial data and licensing information.

  1.  Look into discounts on multiple policies

Besides your home, if you insure anything else— such as a car — you must look into a multi-line discount. That’s a break that you may get from some insurance companies if you buy multiple policies such as auto insurance and homeowners insurance from the same company.

  1.  Know what you’ll cover

You don’t necessarily need to insure a house equal to the price you paid for the property. And that is because the price you paid for your property includes the price of the land as well, not only the price of your home.

In simple words, you required sufficient insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home from scratch in case it burns down or is blown off its foundation. However, your land can’t be destroyed in ashes or blown away, so you cannot add the value of your land into the cost of your homeowners’ insurance. So, before you buy a policy, make sure what are things covered in the policy.

  1.  Ask about discounts

Although discount offers vary by the insurance company, you may qualify for price breaks if:

  • Your home is equipped with a sprinkler system or smoke detector.
  • Your home is protected by deadbolt locks or burglar-alarm system.
  • You have not filed any claim in a specific number of years.
  • You don’t allow smoking inside your house.
  • You have crossed a certain age.


Contact your insurer to see what discounts might be available to you.

  1.  Get to know your agent

If you build up a healthy relationship with your Insurance agent, he will always give you extra tips and service according to your need. Not every insurance agent follows the principle of transparency and accountability, but there are few who are known in the industry for their ethics and principles.

ask an agent

An insurer may provide a discount on premiums if you have been with the company for several years. However, it is still advisable to shop around annually to make sure you are still getting the best price.

  1.  Value your possessions

Make sure your insurance policy covers the replacement cost of everything in your house, including items that appreciate in value over time. On the other hand, if you no longer own valuable ornaments or an extensive collection of art or antiques, do not pay for the extra coverage.

An annual review of your policy is the best time to make sure your home inventory including a video or photos of your possessions — is up-to-date and saved somewhere outside your house.

  1.  Keep your credit score solid

Credit score has significant importance in the financial world. If your credit score is poor, you might be charged higher premiums or you may find a hard time getting insurance coverage. If your credit has any room for improvement, go for it or you can take the advice from a credit counselor to improve the credit score.

Final Words

So, these are the few tips from Randon James Morris, you can consider to grab the best deal on your homeowner insurance.

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Reason Why Working Women Need Life Insurance

In the 21st century, women are empowered, self-made, and independent who are working shoulder to shoulder with men in almost every profession. Further, their contribution in savings has become very essential to maintain the standard of living and to build better future of their children. Randon James Morris says today, many women are encouraged to become a bread earner, and they have proved themselves as breadwinners. Further, he says, if we talk about insurance and life protection, then, unfortunately, they don’t value their own worth and neglect financial protection offered by life insurance to cover many risks in life.

Below are the points that describe the important reasons why women need to take life insurance.

Financial Protection

The protection of a family is our first priority, but what if you are not there to protect them? If you are capable enough to share the financial responsibility with your partner, you must not compromise on protecting your financial responsibility.

final protection.PNG

Getting financial protection with life insurance will give you satisfaction and mental peace that your family will be protected in future in case you are not with them anymore.

Grow Savings with Insurance Plan

Gone are the days when women use to do small savings from the monthly budget. Nowadays, an independent and career-oriented woman is capable enough to do more than that to save money.

grow file plan

If you are an independent woman and looking for the best financial planning, you can go for the life insurance. Many insurance products are there for women to contribute in the growth of savings to provide a family a better lifestyle.

Cover for Critical Illness

Life is uncertain, and health issues are increasing day by day. Further, with the increasing medical expense’s it becomes difficult to get quality treatment at the right time. Many times families do not have financial position to pay the medical bills. And this is where insurance policy that covers life risk along with critical illness protection plays a great role. Even if a person dies with critical illness, then also family gets balance amount according to the policy agreement which somehow family to deal with future expenses.


According to experts, a life expectancy of a woman is more than a man. Therefore, insuring woman is more beneficial and less risky for insurance companies. And this is the reason most life insurance plans offer females better rates over males. This is what makes life insurance cost-effective and an attractive opportunity that offers lots of benefits, financial savings, and life coverage.


So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself insured with the best insurance plan and grab the amazing benefits.

Saving for Retirement

If your husband has invested in a retirement plan, but it does not make your future strong to overcome financial worries in your old age, this is where you need to think something for yourself. In addition, it becomes challenging to maintain the higher standard of living by depending on one person’s retirement, especially when the inflation rate is rapidly growing.

retirement plan.PNG

To enjoy stress-free retirement life, you need systematic financial planning. And for this, you can choose best insurance products that can make your retirement enjoyable.

Final Words

Life insurance is very important in the life of every working woman as they play an essential role in handling household expenses. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right life insurance plan which offers you adequate coverage as per your need and requirement. According to Randon James Morris, if you want a peaceful and stress-free life for your family, understand the importance of life insurance in your life.

What to Look for When Buying Term Life insurance

Buying life insurance is one of the best financial decisions. Actually, insurance serves as a piggy bank where you can purchase a variety of insurance policies to save the money lifelong. There is no way you can avoid unforeseen tragedies of life says, Randon James Morris.

Hence, financial security is the must for your loved one even after you are no more. Life insurance helps your loved ones reimburse any remaining debt or loan you left behind. Actually, there are a lot of fallacies about buying life insurance.

Luckily, it’s easier than many people think. Moreover, different life insurance plans offer many advantages of investment as well as protection. Here are some things you need to know about purchasing life insurance in 2018:

You might not have to take an exam:

When individuals ponder about applying for life insurance, they fear most is taking the medical exam. If you also think same, then here’s a good news for you. No one life insurance business take any exam. But, in the past few years, they have augmented enormously in popularity, creating the rates much more similar to old-style life insurance.

life insurance tips

If you have a fitness disorder that would cause an old-style policy rate to rise steeply, it is advisable to opt for a no-exam policy instead. This will save time as well as money.

You can apply for free:

As compare to other applications, it is completely free to apply for life insurance. Hence, there is no fear to lose anything when you apply.

Life insurance is actually an essential thing most of the time and businesses comprehend that. So, different available companies make it as easy as possible to receive the coverage. In fact, making the application free is one of the ways to do so emphasis Randon James Morris.

Life insurance is less expensive than most people think:

According to a survey, almost 80% of individuals overestimate the cost of life insurance. Some people even estimate that price of their life policy by as much as ten times its real cost. Buying life insurance in very young age is always best.

Life insurance is less expensive

Depending on your age or health, you can secure a sizeable amount of coverage for less than your regular cable bill.

No need to have good credit:

Most the people think that life insurance carriers are concerned with their credit score. However, they are not. In reality, they have interest in your predictable lifespan and the risk they are going to take by assuring you.

Every company has its own approval guideline:

Every company’s policy is not same. Each life insurance policy firm is going to have particular niche or categories that they are lenient with than others.

Some of the companies have specialization in giving great rates to those who are a slight overheavy. While other life insurance companies are more lenient with those who have dangerous hobbies.

Wrapping Up

Above are some of the things given by Randon James Morris that you should know about life insurance. Because of innumerable profits of life insurance including financial security, life protection and tax benefits etc., it is actually difficult to evade it. Hence, you must protect yourself against demise or disability by opting for life insurance.

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