Temporary Staffing Firm Insurance

Temporary Staffing Agency Insurance

According to Randon Morris, the temporary staff agencies are consistent in providing skilled and unskilled labor to their clients. Due to this, they take on risks associated with the workers employed. Therefore, they need to protect themselves against these risks and manage them. This is why they need Temporary Staffing Insurance to effectively guard and manage the risks.

“They need to employ the services of experienced insurance companies,” said Randon Morris. Random Morris has worked as an Entrepreneur, a Web Designer, and a Business Consultant. He has innovated new ideas in the business world. Random is also called a “business leader” by his peers and clients.

Who are temporary staff recruiters?

Temporary workers recruiting agencies employ staff on behalf of their clients for a limited period. The goal is to increase the workforce or fill temporary vacancies, says Randon Morris.

Workers given to customers are employed by the temporary recruiting agencies, not the customers’. The customer’s job is to directly oversee the temporary workers during their working hours.

The temporary staff agencies give jobs to people and outsource them to other firms who are their customers. Not all jobs can be temporarily outsourced. People who supply farm laborers are not part of temporary staffing agencies.

The best temporary staffing insurance

Random Morris explained that “A reliable insurance company should have good relationships with its clients. The company must be knowledgeable, have good customer service, and give the best coverage.” It must have its clients’ best interests at heart.

“Employees’ compensation should be guaranteed. Loss and risk management tailed to the clients’ needs must be offered.” Randon Morris further illustrated.

Insurance Areas Covered

Temporary staffing insurance gives compensation to the staff, covers liabilities and health benefits.

It minimizes the cost of insurance coverage to the staff to aid compliance with the rules.

They provide informative materials to the clients on Human Resources’ best policies, safety, and risk management. Upload this information on the company’s website and update it regularly. It can also be downloaded distributed to employees, clients, and site managers

Listed below are areas covered by the temporary staffing insurance.

  • Mistakes and Exclusion
  • Wide connotation of expert services
  • Global coverage
  • Responsibility to protect

Recruitment Procedures Liability

The liabilities include common liabilities, staff benefits liabilities, recruiters liabilities.

The insurance protects clients against violating these rules:

  • The disability Act
  • Civil Rights Acts
  • Act of discriminating against employee’s age
  • Unlawful Employment Act. For example, harassment of employees and revenge against them.
  • Equality of Payment Act
  • Household Medical Leave Act

Criminal Offense:

  • Thefts from clients. For example, giving out the company’s secrets.
  • Sustained loss
  • Deceitful impersonation
  • Thefts from workers

According to Random Morris, some Temporary Staffing Insurance firms offer compensation to these people: Professional recruiting agencies that employ workers for software developer experts, lawyers, chefs, Bankers, and many more.

Some of the employees protected are:

  • Information Technology professionals
  • Janitors
  • Staff in the hospitality industry
  • Untrained manufacturers or production staff
  • Clerks
  • Industrial employees
  • Accountants
  • Healthcare workers
  • Landscapers
  • Wholesalers and retailers
  • Building managers


A good Temporary Staffing Insurance should give special interest to their clients. Insurance companies should help their clients save money and prevent legal issues. They should be adept in the quick discovery of errors made by staff, and errors in recruiting procedures.

Terrorism Insurance

Terrorism Insurance Cover for Commercial Businesses

Terrorism insurance is insurance that covers potential losses and liabilities that might arise as a result of terrorist activities, says Randon Morris. Any losses caused by terrorism is not covered by standard business policy. Before the 9/11 event terrorism coverage was included in a package offered by a private insurance company without any extra charges. But after the event insurance companies globally makes changes to their policy by offering terrorism coverage separately.

The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act(TRIA) that was later put into place in 2002 was to ensure that businesses that fall victim to terrorist attacks get enough resources to recover from their loss. 

Randon Morris is here to shed more light on terrorism insurance cover for Commercial Businesses.

How Terrorism Insurance Works

Losses are only cover by terrorism insurance policy after an event has been official certified as an act of terrorism by the secretary of the treasury, says Randon Morris. Any loss that doesn’t exceed $5 million or cause damage of about $100 million cannot be certified as an act of terrorism by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Terrorism Coverage For Businesses

The ways by which business losses to terrorism can be covered depending on the nature of the loss. Any damage caused to property like inventory, building, furniture and equipment is cover by terrorism policy.

Workers compensation: the coverage for terrorist acts cannot be omitted from workers compensation policies because that is the only line of insurance that includes coverage for acts of war. Especially for a business that covers employees killed on the job, injured and those killed or injured as an act of terrorism, the workers compensation line of insurance is compulsory and important. 

Terrorism coverage: nowadays terrorism coverage is offered separately, which wasn’t so before the 9/11 event. Owners of commercial properties like shopping malls or factories are offered the opportunity to buy terrorism coverage under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act(TRIA) and the attack has to be certified as an act of terrorism by the secretary of the treasury for the coverage to be activated. 

Business income coverage or Business interruption insurance: when a firm is forced to suspend its business operation because of damage to its premises or due to prevention from entering the business area by civil authorities after an attack business income coverage covers the financial losses. This coverage usually starts after waiting for about 2 to 3 days and can last for weeks or months.

The following are excluded from terrorism insurance: 

Act of war: workers compensation is the only insurance that covers death and injury from an act of war. The damage caused by an act of war cannot be insured.

Nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological events: any damage or loss caused by this man-made event are excluded from terrorism insurance as it cannot be insured.

If you are still wondering whether to buy terrorism insurance or not put the following factors into consideration.

Type of business: if your business belongs to one of the high-risk industries which can be a target to terrorists, you should consider buying terrorism insurance.

Cost: the size of your company will determine the price you will be asked to pay for terrorism insurance coverage.

Location of your business: train stations, airports and commercial areas are prone to terrorist attacks compared to residential areas.

Conclusion For business owners to avoid exposing themselves to a high risk of losses due to terrorist acts they should opt for terrorism insurance, says  Randon Morris.

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Life Insurance for Diabetics

Life Insurance for Diabetics

According to Randon Morris, getting life insurance if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes is possible but you might have limited coverage options. If you are responding very well to treatment and keeping your diabetes under control, you are likely to get affordable life insurance. The level and type of your diabetes will determine the kind of insurance policy you will get. 

Many insurance companies provide affordable life insurance coverage for diabetic people with different income levels and ages. Some people may be wondering why life insurance companies are careful about diabetic patients. Being diabetic puts you at risk of developing some health problems later on. So life insurance companies try protecting themselves by increasing insurance rates and setting policies that are difficult for diabetics. 

Life Insurance policy options for diabetics according to Randon Morris are:

1. Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life options like whole or universal life insurance are available for diabetics. It provides lifelong coverage and gives your policy a cash value as part of your premium is invested every month. But they are more expensive compared to non-diabetics and term life insurance, says Randon Morris.

2. Term Life Insurance

Term life is the simplest and cheapest policy and lasts for 10 – 20 years. It is a good option to consider for those that have well-controlled diabetes as you will have to undergo a medical exam and answer some health questions. So once your term life policy is approved, it is better to consider longer period coverage. This will secure your premium in case of any health issues that may arise later on as you get older.

3. Guaranteed or Simplified Issue Life Insurance

The simplified issue offers life insurance with no medical exam which is a good option for those who have uncontrolled or advanced diabetes. But you have to fill a health questionnaire, while with guaranteed issue life insurance you can avoid both the medical exam and the health questionnaire. Getting approval for a guaranteed issue policy is quite easy and could be an option for those having severe health issues with diabetes.

4. Life Insurance Riders

Some policies give you the freedom to customize your coverage with life insurance riders. Let’s quickly look at these riders:

Term conversion rider: with this, you can convert part or all of your term life policy into permanent coverage before reaching a certain age.

Accelerated death benefit rider: if you are diagnosed with a terminal sickness, this rider gives you early access to part of your policy death benefit.

Guaranteed insurability rider: you can easily increase your coverage without another health questionnaire or medical exam.

Waiver of premium rider: if you have a disability and can’t work for some time, you can pause your premium with this rider.

5. Group Life Insurance

Some companies offer group life insurance as part of a benefits package, this is another means by which diabetics can get insured. As there will be no need to take a medical exam, though many of the companies offer policies that are worth just one or two times your salary.

In conclusion

To get cheaper life insurance as diabetics depends on the amount of coverage you want, the type of diabetes, the age at which you were diagnosed and the type of policy you want. It is better to review various insurance companies and choose the one with the best offer for you, says Randon Morris.

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Identifying Customer Needs

How to Identify Customer Needs?

According to Randon Morris – the business consultant, defining what customers want is something all successful businesses must do. No two customers are the same, so determining their needs and wants requires flexibility and a fluid approach that leaves room for business owners to adapt as their customers’ needs change.

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in late 2019 forced both consumers and business owners to change how they shop and sell products, respectively. Those changes were made seemingly overnight, as governments across the globe placed restrictions on businesses and individuals in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

Business owners may face a challenge in determining what customers want after the pandemic, but they can utilize various strategies to help that process go smoothly, says Randon Morris.

Solicit Customer Input

Though vaccination rollouts have gone smoothly so far, many consumers are taking a cautious approach to getting back to normal. Soliciting customer input can be a great way to gauge their comfort levels as well as what they’re looking for in a post-pandemic climate, says Randon Morris. Customer surveys can shed light on the psyche of your consumers and what they’re looking for from the businesses they trust.

Lean on Sales Teams

Sales teams interact directly with the customers, be it in person, via Zoom calls, emails, or other channels. Business owners can lean on their sales teams for input regarding how customers are feeling and what their goals for the future are. Instruct sales teams to speak directly with customers about their short- and long-term goals, and then utilize their feedback to inform decisions going forward.

Work with a Consultant

An outside consultant can provide objective analysis that can be invaluable as businesses transition to a post-pandemic world. Consultants can utilize their knowledge of the industry to determine what a given business is doing or not doing to separate itself from its competitors. Consultants like Randon Morris, recommend strategies that will help businesses adapt to what experts like JP Morgan suggest could be a business landscape that may never be the same as it was prior to the pandemic.

Life Insurance for New Parents

Life Insurance for New Parents

According to Randon Morris, having a new baby is a joyous event for the new parents and loved ones around them. The new parents get busy with taking care of the baby’s needs and hardly have time for themselves or anything else. Getting life insurance might be the furthest thing on their minds. It is understandable because they need to juggle work, family, and the newborn and try to balance them. Still, paying for life insurance is important and shouldn’t be forgotten. As new parents, the insurance benefits can help secure your children’s future if you are not there to care for them. Full-time parents need life insurance so that they won’t overburden the surviving parent with financial debts.

Meaning of Life Insurance

Life insurance is described as a vital financial sanctuary. It generates an income for your inheritors upon your demise. This earning is tax-free and the sum given to your beneficiaries depends on the amount you bought. You choose the insurance package that suits you, make the equivalent payment and put down the name of your appointed successors. Beneficiaries are those you choose who receive your money or benefits and use it as stipulated or as they deem fit. They can use it for their medical expenses, mortgage bills, school fees or any other living expenses.

Randon Morris, a business consultant who is known for his business acumen said, “When acquiring a life insurance scheme, go to a reputable insurance firm and consult with them before deciding on what to get. You will receive guidance and get to understand what you are acquiring, the terms and conditions. This will save you from buying complex insurance that will give your beneficiaries problems when they need the benefits.”

Life Insurance Acquisition Tips

1. Select the Right Package

Randon Morris also stated that there are two categories of life insurance, namely period (term) insurance and continual (permanent) life insurance. Term insurance is an insurance package whose coverage is set over some time (like 5, 10 or 20 years. This means that the benefits or money will not be given to the beneficiaries after the set period has expired. The advantage is that it is affordable, especially for parents with children. Permanent life insurance offers lifelong coverage. “Purchasing a permanent life insurance policy is probably the best choice for any parents” Randon Morris admonished. After purchasing the package, you can add term insurance as an added benefit for your beneficiaries.

2. Think far Ahead

It might be too soon to think about your new baby’s future educational needs but it is better to be safe than sorry. School fees today we’re not the same as the fees paid two years ago. Things change every day, prices fluctuate and you cannot predict the future. As new parents, you want your baby to have the best care, education, a good job, healthy and happy life and so on. Yet, the cost of getting these things is not cheap. Put the cost of your baby’s education into consideration when you purchase a policy. It will prevent you or your baby from being neck-deep with student loans.

3. Designate an adult on behalf of your new baby as a beneficiary

Choosing minor kids as your beneficiaries can be a drawback and affect your kids in the end, says Randon Morris. This is because there may be regulations and restrictions on how much a minor can get from insurance benefits. If such happens, they would need to postpone receiving the proceeds until a guardian is court-appointed by the court as a beneficiary. The long wait might be a problem especially if the money is desired in an emergency. Designate an adult you trust or a trust in place for the children.

Do not hesitate, talk to an insurance agent today and secure the best future for your new baby.

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Health Insurance in COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Choose Health Insurance During COVID-19 Pandemic?

According to expert Randon Morris, if there have ever been questions on the importance of health insurance, the COVID-19 pandemic has only but stressed how crucial it is to have adequate healthcare coverage at your backings. It’s not surprising that the number of people who have opted for the full insurance coverage plan have skyrocketed in no time. 

The COVID-19 has not only taken a toll on the health but also finance, social, economy and every aspect of life. It is one life-changing virus that will never be forgotten in human history. However, the second wave seems to be more shattering than the first despite the fact that the long-awaited vaccines have been discovered. The whole world is still grappling with this reality and those who are battling with this life-threatening virus have other issues to face-finance. The pocket has been hitting a dip and it becomes difficult for many to access adequate health care. 

This is why health insurance plans are crucial, serving as a safety financial tool to help out when medical emergencies occur. This goes beyond opting for COVID related options that might not be comprehensive enough to meet health and financial needs. The point is many things can go wrong. Unplanned situations such as accidental injuries, sicknesses or any other medical contingencies. That is why you need comprehensive family health insurance to get you and your loved ones covered. For this, Randon Morris, a booming entrepreneur and business consultant provides tips to buying health insurance during COVID-19 pandemic.

Understand the policy that matches your need

Health insurance is a great investment and you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of choosing one that isn’t adequately meeting your needs, says Randon Morris. There are various insurance policies with each coming in different variants. Hence, you might need to do some homework in order to choose the one that is right for you. From individual plans, to family, to critical illness to older citizen plans, the list goes on. Read these plans, understand what it entails and choose the ones that best meet your needs. 

Opt for a comprehensive coverage benefits

Whether acute or chronic illness, a comprehensive coverage plan will provide you financial coverage in case of any medical emergencies. A comprehensive one unlike basic will cover both outpatient and in patients’ medical needs including medical tests, hospital stays and many more.

Compare health insurance providers and offerings

Various providers offer various insurance plans and services. Although there are insurance aggregators that have done the hard work for you, you still need to carry out individual research to know their offerings. Compare the premiums as well and see if it does justice to the services provided. Look for extras and any premium discounts offered in order to ensure you get the best plans at the best price. 

Check the hospital network

Your health insurance provider should provide a list of network hospitals. These are hospitals that partner with Health insurance companies to provide cashless treatment and they can greatly relieve your financial burden than those without. Hence, your best bet is to go for a cashless hospitalization that is not only convenient but also clears up all your worries about medical expenses. 

Understand the claim settlement ratio

This is another important aspect that needs to be understood before making any decisions. You need to know the number of claims an insurer has settled as compared to the claim received. This gives an assurance that the insurer is committed to delivering results at the right time. 

These important factors will help you to make the right decision when choosing an insurance policy. “While at it, always review your plans to ensure it is still meeting your needs and requirements, Randon Morris advises. 

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Female Entrepreneurs

Randon Morris | How Female Entrepreneurs can Defeat Pandemic

According to successful entrepreneur – Randon Morris, the coronavirus pandemic has brought stress toan all-time high for many people. Besides the health concerns of COVID-19, women business owners face many other challenges as their businesses and home lives have turned upside down. As a mom of four and CEO of a company, I empathize with women trying to do it all in the new normal. In this post, Randon Morris share some of my own personal and professional strategies for navigating through the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic.

1. Focus on the Positive

Dwelling on what’s not going well and beyond your control only exacerbates stress, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness. Worry and negativity are counter-productive and a waste of mental energy. Like many individuals, this is something I know but often need to remind myself of, says Randon Morris. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been careful to focus on the benefits that have come from being locked down. For example, without commuting to the office and attending in-person engagements, my life has become much less rushed. It made me realize that the constant go-go-go of pre-COVID life amplified my anxiety. Now, I feel more relaxed and have more flexibility with my time. Working from home gives me more quality family time. Also, even though my employees now work remotely, we’ve developed stronger personal bonds. Our shared concerns and challenges over COVID-19 have facilitated more open, transparent conversations about our feelings.

2. Brainstorm Opportunities for Your Business

The pandemic created new challenges for everyone, including customers. If you’ve experienced declining sales of existing products and services, think creatively about generating revenue by satisfying customers’ emerging needs.

As you consider possible new revenue streams for your business, Randon Morris recommend talking with existing customers. Ask them for their thoughts about how you might adapt your services or products to help them solve their issues and satisfy their needs. There may be untapped potential that you haven’t yet thought of on your own.

3. Make Room in Your Schedule for Self-Care

At the start of the pandemic, social media was ablaze with humor centered on gaining the “COVID-19” from indulging in bags of potato chips and wine while quarantined. Many people found solace in comfort food and alcohol. But vices are only a temporary fix to alleviating stress. That kind of lifestyle isn’t sustainable if you want to be a healthy and productive business owner.

One of the bright sides to having fewer places to go is that there’s more time for self-care. Take advantage of it! Essentially, there’s no excuse not to take better care of yourself now. First and foremost, healthy habits can help you fight off and recover successfully from illnesses. Second, self-care helps to ensure you are at your best mentally and physically for your family and your business.

Randon Morris | What is Entrepreneurship Management?


What is Entrepreneurship?

Importance of Entrepreneurship Management

For More Information:- Randon Morris

disability insurance

Look Out When Buying Disability Insurance

Whether an individual work in the insurance sector or not, everybody knows about insurance and its benefits. However, most people do not aware of disability insurance and how it can help a disable in protecting income. Although it is possible to tailor disability policy as per individual needs, still it is necessary to consider a few important things while choosing an insurance plan.

Let’s explore a few important factors that you must consider when purchasing disability insurance with Randon James Morris.

1. Prefer Independent Insurance Agent

Either an individual can purchase disability insurance directly from an insurance company or from an independent insurance agent. If you purchase a policy with the help of independent insurance agent, you will be able to overview of all available insurance policy option. Otherwise, sometimes it becomes difficult to gather all information and knowledge about the insurance plan and its benefits, especially when you buy directly from the company. Therefore, experts recommend an independent insurance agent who is referred by an experienced colleague.

2. Apply for Disability Insurance Before You Need It

According to experts including Randon James Morris, it is always better for an individual to buy disability insurance when you are fit and healthy. In most cases, there are policies that require medical underwriting, including your medical records, physical examinations, and test reports. Therefore, it is better if you apply for disability insurance when you are healthy.

3. Evaluate Your Average Income

In disability insurance, an individual’s eligibility depends on his net income. For instance, you are an entrepreneur and your income vary from month to month, it is difficult for insurance companies to figure out your exact income. In such a situation, your insurance agent will ask you for your last three years tax return and divide the figure by 36 months to evaluate your average monthly income.

4. Drop Disability Insurance Policy When You Are Over Retirement Age

If your age is above 65 years, there is no point of holding insurance policy. According to experts including Randon Morris, you must drop the idea of taking disability insurance policy at the retirement age. For instance, you are over 65 years old and you became disabled. At this age, you will consider as retired so the insurance policy won’t pay. Therefore, it is advisable to drop the policy if you hit the age of retirement, as you will not able to avail the benefits from it. If you are still confused, it is better to approach experienced insurance advisor the advice or recommendation.

Final Thoughts

So these are few good tips from to Randon James Morris that you must consider while buying a disability insurance plan. When you invest your money in a disability insurance plan. It is advisable for you to consider all the factors, benefits, and circumstances before choosing the plan. As it is mentioned above, it is always better to hire an insurance agent instead of directly approaching an insurance company. An insurance agent does not get any financial incentive to sell one policy over another. Therefore, he can advise you fairly an insurance plan as per your situation, needs and requirement.

If you have more query to ask related to disability insurance, you can drop your query below in the comment box.

Flood insurance policy

Time to Consider Flood Insurance Policy

In recent years, almost everyone has seen the damage and chaos caused by hurricane wind, excessive rainfall and access of storm waters. While many homeowners fixed the damage with insurance kick, some homeowners even today facing the damage caused by flood waters which are not covered by their policies. Maybe this is the reason why most experts including Randon James Morris, recommend every individual to consider Flood Insurance Policy.

Let’s explore a few major reasons to consider flood insurance policy

1. Get affordable flood insurance policy outside flood-prone areas

Many insurance and risk advisor recommend almost every homeowner to buy flood insurance. Even those who already have basic insurance policy should ask the firm to add flood coverage in it at a reasonable price. Now the question is, how much you need to pay? Well, it is difficult to say as rates usually vary depending on your home’s value and your proximity to a flood plain. Those who live in a flood-prone area can easily get a Flood Insurance Policy at affordable rates. So, if you live in such an area, it is advisable by Randon James Morris to get the insurance today.

2. Property outside a flood zone doesn’t make it safe


Property outside a flood zone doesn’t make it safe

No doubt, it is easy to determine flood zone by past conditions, but it will not be able to help you in predicting future conditions or climates. Even government try its best to estimate where the flood will occur, but if their model is not updated, it may not be able to reflect present condition flooding. No one can exactly predict where the water is going to stop. If you think you live in outside flood reason so your house is safe, hold on, you may be wrong. According to the insurance industry, around 20% of flood insurance claims fall outside the flood zone each year. Whether you live in or outside the flood zone area if you want to keep your property safe, get the flood insurance as soon as possible.

3. Flood damage tends to be disastrous

Floods are one of the most common disasters that cause huge damage to properties. Do you even know how much it can affect you financially? Most times even recovering from an inch of water inside your building becomes difficult. Especially for those who do not have risk cover insurance. Remember, if you do not have flood insurance, you may have to cover the cost of renovation on your own. Therefore, it is advisable to have flood insurance coverage in order to cover the cost of your damage property.

Final Words

So, these are the few major reasons why expert Randon James Morris suggest every individual to choose Flood Insurance Policy. After all, it is always better to take prevention instead of regretting later. What are you waiting for? Go and get the flood insurance today. In case you have more queries or doubts regarding flood insurance coverage, scheme, etc., must consult an expert for the best advice.

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